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brand values

A journey to sustainability.

LARMA is the result of our research and dialogue around fashion, responsible design and regenerative production. Our objective is to be part of a fashion that distances itself from the established codes of fast fashion and mass production cycles by offering a high-end accessories and eyewear brand with a responsible approach. We are committed to do our best to produce the most ethically possible while ensuring high quality products at fair prices.

Our ethos

Being at an early stage of our journey, making fully sustainable products constitutes a real challenge. However, in order to reduce our waste and carbon footprint,we are committed to continuously look for innovative solutions to improve our impact and follow our eco-responsibility guidelines:


Our products are exclusively made of deadstock or recycled acetates from the eyewear industry. This process allows us to reduce our own waste and re-purpose it into new products. Our long-term objective is to produce exclusively with recycled materials.


The amount of same colour acetate is variable with deadstocks and offcuts. Therefore we can only produce a limited amount of each, which is why we offer exclusive models and limited series. Another way to avoid overproduction!


We make it a point of honour to remain the most local possible in our supply and production chain. Working with companies within a small radius allows us to collaborate with the local traditional craftsmanship and generate low carbon dioxide emissions. All our suppliers and manufacturers are based in Europe; Our packaging and sunglasses are made in Northern Italy while our acetate supplier is based in France.


It is essential for us to work with high-quality materials and craftsmanship in order to offer long-lasting products. Accordingly, we exclusively work with the best quality materials as well as suppliers and manufacturers known for their expertise.


We are convinced it is possible to be part of the fashion industry while contributing to building an eco-positive approach to production and consumption. We don’t claim to be fully sustainable yet but we believe honesty and communication with our customers about our journey is key. We hope it can encourage people to seek ethical choices when they consume.