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Striving for the best alternatives.

Finding the best quality materials is an important part of our process, in order to offer long-lasting products. As a small company, it can be a real challenge to find recycled or proper sustainable materials, but we are committed to keep on searching actively for eco responsible alternatives for all our materials and components. We consider it is essential to be transparent about our choices and accomplishments to reach our objectives. Here is a list of all the materials we currently work with.


Acetate is the major material we use. It is a bioplastic derived from wood and cotton cellulose pulp. Its production includes petroleum-based products, which is why we aim to reduce at most our use of first choice material. Luckily, cellulose acetate provides an interesting possibility for recycling. All the offcuts generated by production can be shredded and remelted into new acetate sheets. We currently work with deadstock and recycled acetates provided from the industry’s waste. One third of our first collection is produced with recycled acetates.

bio-based leather

Our eyewear cases are made with Viridis®, an alternative material to leather or PU, made with renewable resources. It contains 43% of bio-polyols coming from European non-food and GMO-free corn and wheat crops. Its bio polyols and FSC viscose content makes it one of the most green products among the synthetic fabrics.


We use colorized nylon lenses manufactured in Italy. Nylon lenses have many advantages over other types of lenses. They are more flexible and resistant while being lightweight. Furthermore, their production has a lower environmental impact than polycarbonate lenses. They are also BPA-free, thus avoiding dangers of exposure to this chemical substance linked to hormonal imbalances. However those are not recycled or recyclable but we are currently looking for responsible alternatives for our future collections.


The hinges and core temples of our sunglasses are made of high quality nickel silver and produced in Italy. We are currently searching for recycled alternatives.


Our packagings are made with uncoated paper, made in Italy with E.C.F. pulp. The paper is certified FSC®, chlorine, acid and heavy metals free. It is completely biodegradable and recyclable.


Our microfiber cloths for lens cleaning are made of 100% recycled PET from plastic bottles.