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We want to go countercurrent to mass production and environmental pollution by limiting the waste generated by the eyewear industry. For this purpose, we have decided to base our production on using exclusively deadstock or recycled acetate. Indeed, the making of one pair of glasses generates more than 75% of acetate waste. Therefore, we focus our production process on reducing the supply chain waste by recycling acetate instead of exploiting new raw materials.

We first sort the offcuts by color, then shred them into small pellets that can be mixed to create colorful patterns. Finally, the pellets are remelted under a thermic hydraulic press to form brand new acetate sheets that will be transformed into new products.

and after?

Regenerative design ought to think further than the production cycle. Where and how will our pieces end? We hope our consumers will keep them forever, but if they don’t, we wish to explore alternatives to give a second life to used pieces. We offer a one year warranty and are currently working on offering a reparation service, in case of damage or breakage.

LARMA is a young brand and our objective is to constantly challenge ourselves in order to improve our practices. We are constantly looking for ways to reduce our impact and willing to experiment alternatives to our design and production process.

Let’s talk!

You are more than welcome to reach out if you have any questions, suggestions, advice or comments to help us on this journey! Contact us at : ciao@larma.studio